Vittoria hub is the place where the technological innovation meets new business models to create open innovation in the insurtech sector.

Vittoria hub project was launched in 2019, on the initiative of Vittoria Assicurazioni, to bring innovation in the insurance supply system, in the form of new value propositions, new distribution channels, new procedures to handle relations with customers, new revenue streams.

Vittoria hub is the Insurtech Incubator, dedicated to Open Innovation, with the aim of fostering the circulation of ideas, the collaboration between startups and well-known entities in the service market and the growth of new insurance business models.

Vittoria hub is aimed at attracting innovative startups, technological partners and investors in one centre, to foster the Open Innovation in the Insurtech sector and accelerate startups in their path from idea to industrial maturity, a necessary precondition for Vittoria Assicurazioni to bring an ecosystem supply to the market.

The Core Team of Vittoria hub

Matteo Campaner

Matteo Campaner

General Manager / Vittoria Assicurazioni
President / Vittoria hub

Matteo Campaner, Vittoria Assicurazioni General Manager and President of Vittoria hub, has almost 30 years of experience in the insurance industry. He joined Vittoria Assicurazioni in 1996 where he held various positions of responsibility until the position of General Manager obtained in 2021. He is Chairman of the Ania Permanent Industrial Relations Commission and a member of the Steering Council of the Ania Foundation.

Why Vittoria hub?

“The implementation of Vittoria hub and the growth path we undertake with startups are a concrete action toward a major innovation in the insurance industry that believes in technology and focuses on new, disruptive and revolutionary ideas. With our relentless efforts, we want to take continuous steps forward in the world of services, to ensure that the Client has an increasingly rich and performing insurtech ecosystem capable of responding to his needs.”

Nicolò Soresina

Nicolò Soresina


Nicolò Soresina is Vittoria hub’s Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operating Officer.
Throughout his career, he has worked in big international management consulting companies in Italy, UE, Middle East.
He has cultivated his passion for businesses with 5 startups in 15 years in different fields: consultancy, mobile entertainment, nanotechnologies and digital services.

He has worked as business manager in the digital world for leading innovation projects, in 7 different sectors (Publishing, Turism, Food, Energy, Insurance, Telecom, Services) and in 3 different countries.
His areas of expertise are the management of costs and processes in the digital domain, the optimization of investments in innovation and new technologies, and the creation of service development and digital marketing strategies.
He is mentor of some startups.
He graduated in Electronic Engineering at Politecnico di Milano, with a specialization in Artificial Intelligence, and holds an MBA from Insead Business School.

Why Vittoria hub?

“Working side by side with startups is a great privilege and a great responsibility at the same time.
The energy coming out in a working environment dedicated to innovation and co-creation like Vittoria hub has the potential to create value for all project stakeholders but also for the Italian Insurtech as a whole.”

Fabrizio Cardinali

Fabrizio Cardinali

Chief Innovation Officer

Born in London, graduated in Engineering with specialization in Artificial Intelligence at the Genoa University, before becoming Chief Innovation Officer in Vittoria hub, Fabrizio has boasted a career of startupper for leading national and international groups (e.g. Hay Management, Giunti Gruppo Editoriale, sedApta) and is today on the boards of important national startups as Business Angel and Seed Investor.

Fabrizio is now one of the main Italian Innovation Managers enrolled in the relevant register certified by the Italian Ministry for Economic Development, and specialized in the selection and adoption of new exponential technologies (e.g. AI, Artificial Neural Networks, blockchain, VR/AR, IoT) for product and process innovation in Industry 4, HealthTech, Fintech and Insurtech scenarios.

Why Vittoria hub?

For the Open Innovation to be successful, it requires mindset, technologies and architectures that are really “open” to interoperate with third-party systems, data and business models.
The concept of “ecosystem” that I have found Vittoria hub is to the future of Insurtech more or less as the Digital Marketplaces were to the digital contents when they first appeared on the web … an opportunity for everyone to Share, Grow and Innovate. Together”

Our mission

Accompanying new innovative businesses in their growth, by providing access to knowledge, capital and services, with the aim of supporting and promoting them in the insurance and service markets.

Our vision

Developing and nurturing a space of meeting and growth of innovative ideas, where the co-creation among more professional entities is promoted and the development of these ideas is nurtured to make them the new innovative businesses of tomorrow.

Our values

innovazione insurtech


We support the processes of Open Innovation to create value in the insurance sector.

We look to the future.

We anticipate new needs and specific requirements.

We are pioneers and visionaries with creative enthusiasm.

We provide innovative solutions, new ecosystems that are integrated and coordinated with the big purpose of creating added value for people.

We invest in research and technology to provide always new services and solutions according to the real needs of people.


co-creazione e open innovation


We believe in the creation of new solutions and the development of new services through sharing and collaboration.

We facilitate the meeting and the mutual contamination of ideas between key stakeholders of the insurance sector and the new stakeholders of tomorrow.

We work in synergy with startups, innovative companies, technological partners and investors to give life to new business models.

We combine resources, culture, vision and attitude to create value.


eccellenza e mission vision valori


We are a hub to attract startups and innovative companies that – striving for excellence – aim at creating new solutions that fit real needs.

We welcome every new challenge with determination and professional awareness.

We strive for results with the commitment to overcome each obstacle on the path towards the maturity.

We provide the knowledge of the insurance market of our partner, by offering high-quality strategic consultancy and management mentorship.