Vittoria hub is located in Milan, in via Ignazio Gardella 6, inside Parco Vittoria Business Center.

A modern and flexible working space in a context designed for the modern needs of business and people, without access barriers.

Parco Vittoria Business Center

Parco Vittoria Business Center

Parco Vittoria Business Centre overlooks the new public square Gino Valle, easily reachable by car (highway A4  Turin-Venice and Milan Lakes) and public transport (two underground lines,  Lilac line Portello station and Red line Lotto station).
In its close proximity, the shopping centre Piazza Portello (shopping & food) and Parco Alfa Romeo (outdoor fitness) are also readily accessible.

Vittoria Hub space

Vittoria hub space is located near the headquarters of Vittoria Assicurazioni.
The space was designed and planned to provide flexible and modern working areas that enable new ways of working, based on 3 values of the project: excellence, collaboration and co-creation.

Innovazione co-creazione eccellenza

Modern and flexible spaces

The space includes reception areas, open space for teamwork, diverse areas for debate and individual work, close rooms for formal meetings and private sessions, outdoor work and relax spaces, and an “Agora” where events and workshops can be organized.

flessibilità e moderni spazi di lavoro

Designed for the needs of startups

Work areas supporting the central open space have been designed to meet the needs of concentration and debate among teams.
The space is made up of different types of areas which enable the user to make reserved phone- and videocalls, short or long meetings, stand-up meetings and brainstorming.


Agora is an immersive space that is able to host conferences, events and theme workshops for startups and partners.
Agora was designed to adapt to sharing needs by enabling multiple uses according to the needs of the working teams.

Spazi di lavoro per le startup

Outdoor Spaces

Outdoor space has been designed to provide an alternative to working in the inner spaces and to offer relax areas in a protected space whilst staying in touch with the outdoor.
The setting with seats and playgrounds makes it a venue for sharing and leisure.

Ambiente collaborativo per le startup

A place to nurture innovative ideas

We have designed a working environment and an atmosphere that may nurture innovative ideas, designed in minute detail, by taking into account the people and their daily needs.

Space-related Services

Services for startups

Working space, connectivity, reserved access, telephony, reception area, meeting rooms, relax areas and videoconference rooms.

Services in Vittoria Assicurazioni

Meeting rooms, agile rooms, training rooms, auditorium, guest rooms, gym and camps for kids during the main school holidays.