What is the “Red Carpet” process?

Are you an innovative Insurtech-focused startup that is already on the market?

Do you think you have the characteristics to be immediately adopted by Vittoria hub directly with a POC (Proof of Concept) of integration in Vittoria Assicurazioni ecosystems without going through the stage of Incubation?

Roadmap “Red Carpet”

  • application

  • recall

  • pre-selection

  • board-evaluation
    Board evaluation

  • adoption


    Information on Company / Startup

    Information on Founders and Team

    Underpinning Ideas and Information on the Genesis / Expertise on the Market

    Company Focus

    PersonHouseMobilityConnected CompanyOther

    Business and Revenue Model

    AgenciesOther IntermediariesBank BranchesGDODirect ChannelOther
    FreemiumSubscriptionData MonetizationOther

    Progress Status of Project / Revenue if any

    MVPPresence on the national marketPresence on the international marketOther

    Equity Structure and Investments Received / Existing Activities with other Accelerators


    IP / Patents if any and stage


    Primary Technologies

    Internet of Things (IOT)Machine Learning (ML)Artificial Intelligence (AI)Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT)Cloud ServicesMobile AppOther

    Legal Aspects

    Documents attached

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    The Call for Ideas is open

    The second Call for Ideas of 2020-2021 organized by Vittoria hub is focused on four ecosystems: Person, Mobility, House, Connected Company.
    For the components Prevention, Assistance, Monitoring, Remedy.
    With a major focus on Products, Technologies and the Market.