What is the “Red Carpet” process?

Are you an innovative Insurtech-focused startup that is already on the market?

The so-called Red Carpet [RC], will be subject to an ad-hoc selection by Vittoria hub team of experts. In these cases, there are two possible outcomes:
1 – Startups that are suitable for a direct industrial partnership with Vittoria Assicurazioni, with related pilot project based on PoC (Proof of Concept) to be defined with the Insurance Company and without the operational requirement of carrying out an incubation/preventive adoption process with Vittoria hub. It should be noted that in this case any commercial agreement will be agreed directly with the Insurance Company.
2 – Startups that need to carry out a training process in the sector and in Insurtech open innovation practices with Vittoria hub – subject to ad-hoc Grant for Equity (SAFE) mechanisms – aimed at developing a tailor-made adoption/acceleration path with the Insurance Company.

Roadmap “Red Carpet”

  • application

  • recall

  • pre-selection

  • board-evaluation
    Board evaluation

After board eveluation, two possible way of collaboration

  • adoption

  • mani

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