Purposes and context of the search for startups in four key sectors

Purposes and context of the search for startups in four key sectors

Home protection (Property), means of transportation (Mobility), economic activities (Connected Business) and wellbeing of people (Person) are not limited to the underwriting of insurance policies, that normally enable to indemnify against damage or expense suffered (theft, property damage, diagnostic tests, care, cyber risk, etc.).

Vittoria hub aims to be a centre for the innovation experimentation and application to meet the basic needs of customers in the four areas identified, by supplementing insurance components with non-insurance components to provide a “seamless” service for the customer.

Innovation focusing on cutting-edge technologies (e.g. IoT, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Blockchain) is important, but equally important is also the use of digital technologies and virtualization of transactions, activities and processes to develop innovative service or to supplement existing services (service innovation model).





The access to each stage will be subject to a merit ranking by CTS (the Technical Selection Committee) of Vittoria hub based on impartial criteria of uniqueness, innovation and sustainability of models reached and proven by startups at any stage; these capital grants will be paid upon the issue of Safe Agreements on part of the startups.