Advantages of Vittoria hub program for startups

Vittoria hub program gives each selected startup the chance to access incremental prizes up to Euro 60,000 and other Financing opportunities, through the 3 steps of the program:


  • Euro 5,000 to access incubation path for 3 months managed by Vittoria hub partners that are selected and qualified according to incubation level
  • Euro 5,000 for 3-month rent for three working stations + tokens services, rooms and connection incubator
  • Euro 5,000 cash prize that can be optionally spent on discounted services offered by Vittoria hub partners


  • Euro 15,000 for integration of MVP in the ecosystem and IT infrastructure identified with Vittoria hub
  • Euro 5,000 cash prize optionally on discounted services offered by Vittoria hub partners
  • Presentation to the Technical Committee of Vittoria Assicurazioni for possible Corporate Financing


  • Euro 15,000 to access the acceleration path for 4 months managed by partners that are selected and qualified for the acceleration level
  • Euro 10,000 cash prize that can be optionally spent on discounted services offered by Vittoria hub partners
  • Presentation during the Investor day for possible Early Stage Financing

The access to each stage will be subject to a merit ranking by CTS (the Technical Selection Committee) of Vittoria hub based on impartial criteria of uniqueness, innovation and sustainability of models reached and proven by startups at any stage; these capital grants will be paid upon the issue of Safe Agreements on part of the startups.


The business-growth program of Vittoria hub and the networks of partners
involved in the program provide the selected startups
with different services in the following areas:


  • Strategic Advisory relating to incubation and acceleration in the relevant market
  • Multi-disciplinary mentorship on startup strategic and business development issues
  • Drafting of efficient and sustainable business plans
  • Support to organizational structure
  • Support to planning, technological investment and referral
  • Support to efficient planning of marketing, brand and communication
Solution Development
  • Support to infrastructure and technological sourcing (IT & Cloud)
  • Definition of complex innovative architecture with industry specialists (IOT & BigData)
  • All-Round Digital Design with strategy of user experience and user interface (Product & Service Design/UX/UI)
  • Mentorship in the definition of insurance and compliance issues
  • Mentorship on legal issues related to technological and service choices of the startup and communication
Financial Support
  • Financial Consultancy
  • Support to fund raising from different institutional channels
  • Mentorship in the raising of investors and equity funding
Operational Support
  • Operational support to complex program management
  • Support to the referral in the creation of lean models
  • Support to the introduction of lean working method for the development of product or service
Logistic Services
  • Access to the equipped office space of the incubator
  • Workstations in the CoWorking space
  • Structured Internet Access in wired and wireless network
  • Coordinated management and access of reserved spaces dedicated to meetings
Administrative Services
  • Management of payroll
  • Bookkeeping
  • Management of main tax requirements of the startup
  • Drafting of financial statements of the startup

The fifth Call for Ideas is open

Startups with a scalable business model and which at a technological level demonstrate a highly innovative direction towards Foundation Models for the Insurtech sector will be given priority. Startups that use (for example and not exclusively) Large Language Models (LLM) and Large Vision Models (LVM), also in combination with each other, for the generation of intelligent chatbots, for synthetic datasets and for innovative forms of profiling support, for the personalization and automation of the offer of insurance products.