Call for Ideas #4

Our Call for Ideas 2023 (C4I) remains focused on the 4 main ecosystems of Vittoria hub’s Insurtech open innovation vision, with a special attention to Home ecosystem and Service (health and wellness) for the Silver Age.

Italian, European (including UK) and US Startups can apply, with two different types of maturity: early stage (up to the seed) and post-seed (i.e., Startups with already proven market traction and/or high scalability in the insurance field).

The profitable Scale Up companies with the highest degree of maturity, the so-called Red Carpet [RC], will be subject to an ad-hoc selection by Vittoria hub team of experts.


Deadline for Applications

Vittoria hub offers you the possibility to access VIA2

Program for the Incubation, Adoption and Acceleration, designed to help the selected startups in their path from the idea to the go-to-market in the Insurtech field.

Advantages for your start-up: Euro 60.000 € in cash prizes and services

These grants will be paid upon the issue of Safe Agreements on future capital increases on part of the startups.

The profitable Scale Up companies swith the highest degree of maturity, the so-called Red Carpet [RC], will be subject to an ad-hoc selection by Vittoria hub team of experts. In these cases, there are two possible outcomes:
1 – Startups that are suitable for a direct industrial partnership with Vittoria Assicurazioni, with related pilot project based on PoC (Proof of Concept) to be defined with the Insurance Company and without the operational requirement of carrying out an incubation/preventive adoption process with Vittoria hub. It should be noted that in this case any commercial agreement will be agreed directly with the Insurance Company.
2 – Startups that need to carry out a training process in the sector and in Insurtech open innovation practices with Vittoria hub – subject to ad-hoc Grant for Equity (SAFE) mechanisms – aimed at developing a tailor-made adoption/acceleration path with the Insurance Company. 


Euro 15,000 in cash prizes and services


Euro 20,000 in cash prizes and services


Euro 25,000 in cash prizes and services

Applications are open until May, 2 – 2023

We look for the following areas of innovation in Startups applying for our new C4I: new user experiences and innovation at the level of the risk assumption process in the digital channel.
We will select the best Startup candidates which, thanks to technologies such as Predictive Analytics, AI, IOT, DLT Technologies (blockchain, smart contracts, oracles) also with the possible use of Web 3.0 paradigms and the Productive Metaverse, support the prediction of events/behaviours that may be useful for defining new parametric or embedded policies.
Specifically, we will focus on the development potential of the following types of insurance contracts.

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Pay-per-use or money back policies:

models with soft automatic underwriting and with reduced average cutbacks where the premiums depend on the detection or measurement carried out by third parties (oracles), which may vary every period or, due to virtuous behaviour, give rise to forms of money back. By way of example, it could be a new health policy that would allow the policyholder to take advantage of a form of money back, by adopting virtuous behaviours such as carrying out wellness activities, which may be monitored through health platforms.

Pay-per-event policies with smart contract:

selection of specific events to regulate the assumption of risks with digital contracts in the IFTTT form (“if this then that”) which provide for certain indemnity upon the occurrence of certain circumstances and which do not require evaluations or appraisals. By way of example, home liability insurance policy, where a reduction is applied to the policy premium by detecting authorized persons in the house (through smart speaker systems). The factor of presence in the house is an element of importance for the prevention of third-party liability, theft and fire risks.

Digital and cyber physical policies:

associated with specific IoT objects and sensors available in the physical world and/or digital twins of the virtual representation of the object and uniquely identified with ownership tokens (NFT, Non Fungible Token) and Digital Identity (DID, Distributed Digital Identity) that can be served with secure and protected access protocols according to the new paradigms of Web 3.0 and/or Productive Metaverse. By way of example, a policy for a scooter or an electric bicycle that also has its own representation on the blockchain and a non-removable IoT device that identifies the vehicle in a certain and unambiguous way and makes it possible to locate it.


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