Call for Ideas #3

The third Call for Ideas 2021-2022 organized by Vittoria hub is focused on the ecosystems Person and Property, for start-ups dealing with one or more services including Prevention, Assistance, Monitoring, Remedy by means of IoT technologies.
Special attention is given to insurance products characterized by reduced economic barriers, digital Onboarding and Pay per event.

Deadline for Applications

Vittoria hub offers you the possibility to access VIA2

Program for the Incubation, Adoption and Acceleration, designed to help the selected startups in their path from the idea to the go-to-market in the Insurtech field.

Advantages for your start-up: Euro 60.000 € in cash prizes and services

These grants will be paid upon the issue of Safe Agreements on future capital increases on part of the startups.


Euro 15,000 in cash prizes and services


Euro 20,000 in cash prizes and services


Euro 25,000 in cash prizes and services

Applications will be opened till February 15, 2022.

We are always looking for highly innovative startups to complete and strengthen our ecosystem supply compared to all components that can be insured within the scope of the Person and Property ecosystems.

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If you are a start-up working within the scope of Person (Health & Wealth) and Property ecosystems with one or more services including prevention, assistance, remedy/care and monitoring by means of IoT technologies, this call is the best fit for you.

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If you are a start-up that wants to create or has created new insurance solutions called “Lean Insurance”, addressed to a wide range of customers with different spending capacities and with particular interest in the use of AI platforms, this call is the best fit for you.

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Let’s talk about ecosystems

If you think that your start-up has disruptive ideas within the scope of Person and/or Property ecosystems, that may be incorporated into state-of-the-art insurance solutions (e.g. pay per event, smart contract…) or new distribution channels (e.g. OTP, biometrics…), please send your application..

Let’s talk about Lean Insurance

The term lean insurance is referred to insurance coverage solutions based on technologies that allow to streamline the enabling insurance processes, facilitate the customer onboarding procedures, or even create new experiences like the event-based ones. Another key aspect is the “speed” factor, which is more and more necessary and critical in the modern society. It is, in fact, insurance solutions that enable, among others, the implementation of faster and smoother legacy projects to pay premiums, by avoiding the need for slow and burdensome procedures thanks to safe technologies and oracles, such as parametric insurance models and smart contracts.

So, if you are a start-up dealing with solutions aimed at creating insurance solutions characterized by:

  • Reduced economic barriers: insurance policies that may also be accessed by customers with reduced spending capacity, thanks to lower management costs (distribution, management of after-sale and claims).
  • Digital Onboarding: no barrier to entry, customer recognition, collection of documents required and remote underwriting activation (e.g., OTP, biometrics etc…).
  • Pay per event: premiums depend upon the detection or measurement made by third parties (oracles) and may change each time or, for virtuous behaviours, give rise to money back.

This call is the best fit for you.


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