Call for Ideas #2

The second Call for Ideas of 2020-2021 organized by Vittoria hub is focused on four ecosystems: Person, Mobility, House, Connected Company.
For the components Prevention, Assistance, Monitoring, Remedy.
With a major focus on Products, Technologies and the Market.

Deadline for Applications

Vittoria hub offers you the possibility to access VIA2

Program for the Incubation, Adoption and Acceleration, designed to help the selected startups in their path from the idea to the go-to-market in the Insurtech field.

Advantages for your start-up: Euro 60.000 € in cash prizes and services

These grants will be paid upon the issue of Safe Agreements on future capital increases on part of the startups.


Euro 15,000 in cash prizes and services


Euro 20,000 in cash prizes and services


Euro 25,000 in cash prizes and services

Applications will be opened till 31 January 2021.

We are always looking for highly innovative startups to complete and strengthen our ecosystem supply compared to all components that can be insured within the scope of the Person, Mobility, Property, and Connected Business ecosystems.

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If you are a startup using technologies like Predictive Analytics, AI, IOT, Big Data, Oracles, and you can predict so far unforeseeable events or behaviours, you are the good fit for this call.

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If you are a startup using IOT technologies, Smart contracts, Distributed Ledger Technology to trace, monitor and identify yet unclassifiable things, you are the good fit for this call.

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Let’s talk about ecosystems

If you believe that your startup has disruptive ideas within the scope of the ecosystems Person, Mobility, House or Connected Company, that may be integrated with innovative insurance solutions (e.g. instant insurance, insurance on demand, pay per event/use, subscription insurance, peer2peer/social insurance ) or new distribution channels (Direct, App Store, Freemium, Try&Buy, B2B2C )..

Let’s talk about products

The actuarial mathematics is the basis for the insurance technique.
The actuarial statistical models enable to describe the frequency and intensity of events, based on historical insights of the same events in the past.
With the emergence of some new insurance forms, these models have become sophisticated and dynamic, and enable to describe events that are likely to have a future projectable evolution.
But these models have a limitation – they cannot consider accidental and systematic discrepancies.
For example, the accidental discrepancies can depend upon the behaviour of the individual (the risk is highly modified by behaviours aimed at risk-prevention or risk-increase).
The systematic discrepancies concern, indeed, those events with a high variance (it is not possible to create statistical models when the variance of the event is infinite, as in the case of apical weather events, or the pandemic spread); the insurance solution in these cases is simple, these risks are excluded!
Nevertheless, by using new technologies it is possible to detect the behaviours of individuals, or predict the weather evolution in the short run with a high degree of accuracy, or foresee the effect of a pandemic on the mortality, and adjust the price dynamically based on these remarks.
We are talking about technologies like Predictive Analytics, AI, IOT, Big Data, oracles, which enable to create stochastic actuarial models underlying new insurance forms, where the premium depends upon the behaviour of the individual or short-term predictive methods.
So if you are a start-up operating with these technologies, and you can predict a potentially harmful event, or detect a behaviour that can prevent or promote its occurrence, you are a good fit for this call.

Let’s talk about market

The insurance market is a limited market, the competitive arena is restricted, finite, close, limited to few “insurable objects”, it is objects where their existence and relationship with the policyholder is certified by a third party: a property entered into the real estate register, a person entered on the residence register, a car entered into the Public Motor Vehicle Register (PRA), a tagged dog, a watercraft, a company, END (Red Ocean)
In other words, all insurance companies of the world compete with each other on 1.5 billion cars.
But if any object is put inside, a IOT device, and becomes public on a Distributed Ledger Technology, then you know it exists, where it is, of whom it is, and it is all information certified by public consensus.
We are talking about IOT technologies, smart contracts for property transfers, Distributed Ledger Technology.
Think about it, today there are already more than 8 billion IOT devices in the world (Blue Ocean).
If you are a start-up operating with these technologies and you can trace and monitor objects through IOT and Distributed Ledger Technology, you are a good fit for this call.


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