For insurance companies, the “Mobility” issue is highly relevant because of the importance that car insurance has on total non-life businesses and of the development already reached by car connected technology (black box), especially on the Italian market.

The scope for innovation concerning “Mobility” integrates the car component with the component relating to other means of transport (motorbikes, bicycles and e-bikes, scooters, etc.) and includes the different ways of transport with all vehicles (sustainable mobility, car-sharing, car-pooling, etc.).

This field includes different contexts of innovation relating to safe driving, effectiveness in the management of transport means, reduced commuting times and/or more comfortable commuting, prevention of thefts and damage; prevention of mechanical breakdowns and repair of transport means whether or not in connection with claims, etc.).

Mobility-applied innovation is aimed at creating an Ecosystem of services that meets the main commuting needs of people in an effective, safe and reliable manner by optimizing the insurance costs and the environmental impact of fossil fuels based on the aggregation of services and the development of a value proposition integrated through partnerships between Vittoria Assicurazioni and startups.

Furthermore, an integrated offer of innovative services linked to the mobility enables to reduce the impact on the health of people, both direct (linked to the occurrence of incidents), and indirect (e.g. pollution, stimulus to a more active life by using more means of transport such as the bike).

Applicant startups can have differentiated profiles in relation to the two main dimensions: technology of prevention/care/recovery/engagement and service model.

The access to each stage will be subject to a merit ranking by CTS (the Technical Selection Committee) of Vittoria hub based on impartial criteria of uniqueness, innovation and sustainability of models reached and proven by startups at any stage; prizes will be provided in the form of Convertible Loans, convertible into equity at the market value at the time of financing rounds.

The fifth Call for Ideas is open

Startups with a scalable business model and which at a technological level demonstrate a highly innovative direction towards Foundation Models for the Insurtech sector will be given priority. Startups that use (for example and not exclusively) Large Language Models (LLM) and Large Vision Models (LVM), also in combination with each other, for the generation of intelligent chatbots, for synthetic datasets and for innovative forms of profiling support, for the personalization and automation of the offer of insurance products.