Carlo Acutis

Carlo Acutis introduces Vittoria hub

Opening Speech

President Emeritus of Vittoria Assicurazioni Mr. Carlo Acutis

Vittoria hub – 28 November 2019, Milan

“Good morning and welcome, thank you for accepting to share with us the launch of an initiative that comes from the awareness that, just with the right dose of self-esteem, we increasingly need to open up to the world and seek the contribution of those who live the reality surrounding us with a different view.

May I express now a special thanks to Mrs. Maria Bianca Farina that with her contribution highlights the strategic importance of this day.

The insurance company is closely linked to the social context where it operates. Despite the international mission, the service it performs must comply with law and customs that locally govern the relations among the parties and influence the definition of values.

In a complex correlation, the social context is dominated by political, legal, environmental, economic, technological variables. However complex, the correlation among these variables has been relatively regular over time, but now it risks to be overturned by the technological evolution underway that tends to create discontinuity and explosion in the flow of data and so of the information that make up the statistical and actuarial basis on which the insurance sector is based.

While we wait for the evolution, predicting the future by forecasting a statistical processing of past data creates a constant. This constant risks to become a dangerous illusion in a foreseeable scenario where the present evolves based on an exponential growth of information that interact in real time with the context where the company operates and influence the perception and the evolution itself with an almost distortive effect.

Over time, the insurance company, as a sailing ship, has sailed sometimes stormy seas by dominating the winds. Today, driven by strong winds of change, it must also pursue the flexibility of a surfboard that constantly flies over new waves.

After centuries of evolution, the insurance industry is entering a stage of innovation where flexibility will be rewarding.

In Vittoria we believe we have this flexibility thanks to our size and to the skills and expertise of our collaborators. But we are also aware that we need to open up more to the world if we want to interact with it.

This includes the new Vittoria Hub, an incubator of technological startups in the insurance sector that we are presenting today.

I wish every success to this initiative. Whatever the economic results, it will be in any case successful if through this window on the world we can share and breath the fresh and vital air of the enthusiasm of young people that are offered this opportunity.

I leave it to our chief executive officer Cesare Caldarelli to explain briefly how Vittoria Assicurazioni interprets the concept of innovation. ”

Carlo Acutis