Cesare Caldarelli

Cesare Caldarelli introduces Vittoria hub

Opening Speech

Chief Executive Officer of Vittoria Assicurazioni Mr. Cesare Caldarelli

Vittoria hub Launch Event – 28 November 2019, Milan

“Vittoria, that in about one year will be celebrating one hundred years since its foundation, has been going through a long renewal process since, in 1988, it detached itself from the Toro Group and sought its position in the market in a totally independent manner.
I joined the Company in 1991, so at the beginning of this path, and I keep firmly in mind the steps being taken.
I want to say that since then we have been aware of the importance that technology innovation would mean for a sector that for many years, and somehow still today, was lagging behind and was not cutting edge, mainly in the management of processes arising from the daily activity.
At that stage, we were able to make use of the opportunity to start almost from scratch, we innovated a lot internally and we invested significantly.
Today, we are very satisfied with the results achieved, and all performance indicators make us confident about the efficiency level that has been reached.
Of course, these large investments have produced an adequate return on efficiency and a positive impact on the general accounts.
And they have allowed us to better use the qualified human resources of the Company.
So, it is with great enthusiasm that we keep on along this path that we are presenting to you today.
We are convinced that the future of the distribution in the insurance world and the customer focus will need new ideas and initiatives.
So, I can only wish good luck to anyone who will be willing and able to join us in this path.”

Cesare Caldarelli